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Reintroducing Indigenous foods into the modern diet requires knowledge of traditional harvesting strategies and practices (i.e. hunting, fishing and gathering), as well as preserving, preparing and storing food for your self and your family.

Share your favourite recipes and tips for preparing, preserving and storing berries and fruits, fish, meat, nuts, as well as root and vegetable dishes.

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Jun 7 2011

This salad recipe is wonderful because it is healthy and the greens should be able to be harvested locally (reducing carbon footprint).

Jun 3 2011

This Green Smoothie recipe was inspired by Victoria Boutenko, a raw vegan food author and inventor. This smoothie is fantastic for your health because it contains tons of fibre, fruits, and vegetables. When you blend vegetable greens it allows your body to have more access to absorbing the health benefits from the chlorophyll contained.

Fruits, Veggies
Mar 17 2010

With local apples and cider

60 minutes
Fruits, Meat
Mar 17 2010

Seasonal Apples, or other fruit

40 minutes
Berries, Fruits
Mar 17 2010

This hearty side dish showcases the earthy richness of lentils by pairing them with crisp apples.

30 minutes
Fruits, Veggies
Jan 7 2010

Baked salmon

5-7 minutes per cm of thickness