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Terms of Use

Purpose of the Website

The purpose of this website is to provide an international meeting place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples alike, to network and share information, and celebrate Indigenous cultural practices in relation to food, land, health, intergenerational transmission of knowledge, and household and community economics.

Please note that this website is not intended for commercial enterprise.

Function of the Website

Anyone can browse the website, explore the various categories of resources, and peruse the range of media available. However, to upload resources or to comment on resources already on the site, a user must be registered (see our Privacy Policy).

Users of the site are encouraged to upload resources they have found helpful in their work on Indigenous food related action, research or policy reform. A range of media can be uploaded, from various document types (rich text format, pdfs, etc) to video and audio. Video and audio will be made available on the website via an embedded link to websites such as Viddler and YouTube.

Respect for the Community – of Users and Creators

This site is intended to help us learn from each other. Therefore all users of this site, whether you are downloading or uploading resources, should be guided by the concept of “fair dealing”. According to the Canadian Copyright Act, “Fair dealing for the purpose of research or private study does not infringe copyright” (section 29) Further, “[n]o action .. . may be carried out with motive of gain.” (section 29.3).

The expectation of the Website Co-ordinator is that each user of this site will approach it in good faith and with good intent.

Should you wish to use any materials found on this site for purposes that could involve “gain” of some sort (reputation, monetary, etc), please contact the author or creator of that resource to obtain permission first.

Should you find materials on this site of which you are the creator but which were not uploaded by you, and you wish to have them removed or credited to you, please contact the site Co-ordinator through the contact us page.

Please be respectful and appropriate in your use of the website. We do not encourage you to upload any sensitive cultural knowledge that has not already been released into the public domain. If you are unclear whether or not a resource belongs on the site, send the Co-ordinator a message through the contact us page.