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Feedlot-Free Broughton Archipelago Petition

I am writing to let you know we are gathering digitally to protect wild salmon.

Five thousand years ago the Broughton Archipelago generously supported thousands of people. Its natural contours create the perfect conditions for clams, salmon, herring and seaweeds. As long as their culture protected the fish, the people thrived building communities, a society, Nations.

Today, 27 industrial salmon feedlots dominate Broughton taking orders from people on the other side of the planet. Good, bad or indifferent, they have no idea what impact their commercial activity is having on the people who call Broughton home.

For reasons we may never know, while Gordon Campbell’s now shattered government professes to support using the ocean for feedlots, they would not renew the land tenure agreements that gave the industry legal access to anchor over the seafloor. As a result, salmon feedlots in Broughton are now operating on expired tenures.

I applied for the seafloor under three salmon feedlots, one each in the Broughton territories of the Gwawaenuk, Tsawataineuk and Kwicksutaineuk to grow wild fish by returning these locations to their natural condition. I informed the chiefs of my intent. No one would own these fish. If these tenures belonged to the Norwegian companies, Crown Lands would have informed me, but they did not. My applications are being processed and I await their decision.

If the BC liberals could not accept the liability of renewing these tenures, how can we have confidence in anything they tell us about the industry?

There are many ways to protect life on earth and one of them is to peacefully and powerfully gather and insist that the laws of the land be honoured.

Legally the Broughton Archipelago is fish feedlot-free and we are informing government of this.

We can reach out to the people in the industry and help them without giving up what is vital to the future of this coast. Norway is protecting their wild salmon by creating salmon farm-free zones. Why would we do less? This is not a petition, it is a peaceful, powerful, massive digital gathering to stand and tell government according to their own laws Broughton is salmon feedlot – free and we expect them to honour this by removing the equipment. You can sign the statement below by clicking on the web address below and pass this email on to all the wild salmon people you know. Alexandra Morton

Out of respect for the law of this land, the Broughton First Nations and future generations, we recognize that the land tenures under the salmon feedlots in Broughton belong to the people of British Columbia . The municipal government sits outside the archipelago and so do not live with the impact of industrial feedlots. Therefore, we take this initiative without them. We the under-signed affirm that the region known as the Broughton Archipelago (between and including Kingcome and Knight Inlets and west through Drury Inlet) is salmon feedlot-free. We call on the leaderless Province of British Columbia to honour this reality that they created and remove feedlot equipment from Broughton so that wild fish can thrive in these waters to the benefit of all.

To support this movement please visit