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Policy Reform

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Jan 27 2010

Representatives of Indigenous Peoples from the regions of Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, North America, Africa and Northern Europe, gathered at the Global Forum for Peoples’ Food Sovereignty in Rome from the 13th to the 17th of November 2009.

Reaffirming our right to Food sovereignty, which is intrinsically linked to our historical, cultural and spiritual relations with our Mother Earth, our lands and territories,

Dawn Morrison
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Jan 26 2010

To improve health care, education, and prevention, a larger cultural and historical contextual framework is needed which pays heed to the impact of colonization and its effects on Native peoples. Such a holistic framework evaluates the long-term impact of introduced diseases and the cultural trauma caused by the removal of Indians to reservations (Jaimes 1992), the boarding school era (Johansen 2000), and the forced sterilizations of Native women (Carpio 1995; Torpy 1998).

Dawn Morrison
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Jan 25 2010

The purpose of this article is to provide, to tribes faced with an era of genetic research, some guidance about how to establish strong protections over their genetic material and Indigenous knowledge. The first section will discuss why genetic material should be protected as cultural property and will briefly examine why tribes need to be concerned about research involving genetic material and Indigenous knowledge, with a particular focus on human genetic research. The second section will examine a variety of examples of human genetic research on Indigenous peoples.

Dawn Morrison