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Mink & His Brother Go Fishing... and Get Caught!

One day Mink & his brother were out fishing in their canoe. They decided to use whale blubber for their bait, as they thought this would attract more fish to their lines. Blackfish, aka... Killer Whale, stuck his head out of the water to say hello, and Mink and his brother were quite rude, and made fun of Whale! He asked what they were using for bait, and they chuckled and said "We are using the blubber of a whale... which is all it is good for... catching other fish! Hahahaha!!!"
Whale was quite insulted, and he decided to teach the tricksters a lesson... he opened his mouth wide and swallowed them up & gulped the two and their canoe in a moment!

Mink and his brother were surrounded by darkness... They discovered that they had been swallowed whole! They also realized that they were standing in Whale's belly, which was filled with herring from Whale's previous meal! Mink found a way to light some fire using his paddle and the canoe, & he created a fire... then Whale became quite uncomfortable and twisted around til he put out the fire. Mink kept lighting his fire, and Whale kept putting it out! This kept making Mink mad!

Mink kept hitting his head on something big and hard... almost like a rock! He took a knife out of his pouch and cut a chunk off what ended up being Whale's heart, which was the source of his head knocking! This made Whale really mad, and he twisted and turned in reponse to his pain! Mink and his brother wanted to cook the herring they were standing around, as they were hungry! They managed to get a fire going enough to cook some herring, and then Mink began to think about how to get out of this predicament. He remembered that he could use his special powers to control Whale, and then he used these special powers to tell Whale to swim to the nearest shoreline. When they got there, it became apparent that the nearby villagers had become aware of the fact that Mink & his brother were inside Whale's belly! They were also aware that he might try to escape, as he was highly skilled at escaping sticky situations! They were waiting for him to jump out of Whale's mouth!

Mink was aware of this, and he instructed his brother to climb up Whale's rib cage to his blow hole! When they were close to the shoreline, they instructed Whale to blow hard and fast! When Whale did as he was instructed, Mink and his brother were blown sky high, way above the angry villagers!

Once again Mink and his tricky brother escaped near death, and flew off over the trees into the mountains! More adventures await these two tricksters!

Moral or lesson to the story: 

Never try to trick the trickster! And... Food is an important part of all living beings lives.