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Profiles of Community Networks

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The Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network is made up of First Nations on the North and Central Coast of British Columbia who act as the eyes and the ears on our traditional lands and waters to protect valuable cultural and natural resources.

We monitor the impacts of resource activities such as fishing, logging and tourism, on the health of species that are important to our people. We have the authority under our traditional laws to protect important wildlife species such as bears and wolves, food sources such as crabs, salmon, and shellfish, and significant cultural resources such as middens, village sites and traditional harvesting grounds.
As neighbouring Nations we hold a common vision to protect the resources in our territories.

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Coastal Nations

The Coastal Learning Communities Network is working to revitalize Canada’s coastal communities by empowering coastal residents through shared learning, collective action, and the embracing of indigenous approaches to natural resource management. Its members live on Canada's three coasts and along the shores of major freshwater bodies.

The Network has developed four overlapping spheres of program activities: story telling, focused issue analysis, learning circles, and communications technology. The Network strives to be inclusive; welcoming First Nations and non-Aboriginal participants, university-based and community-based learners. The Network continues to extend its outreach to other First Nations, coastal communities, universities, and policy makers.

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The Vancouver Island & Coastal Communities Indigenous Food Network is a collective of passionate and dedicated members with a shared vision of a healthy future based upon reconnecting with First Nations cultural teachings and practices. The membership is made up of health professionals, community development workers, members of the scientific community and culturally knowledgeable food managers and gatherers.

Essentially, the Vancouver Island & Coastal Communities Indigenous Food Network aims to build collaborative approaches in addressing issues of traditional food access and security. Moreover, the Vancouver Island Traditional Food Network intends to research, document and share the ancestral strengths that are deeply rooted throughout Vancouver Island...